Quick Bites 1: The Circle

The Circle

The Circle

By, Mariano Flynn

Format Read: Audiobook Approx. 30 Minutes

Narrated By, Brooks Corley

How Obtained: Freebie from Audiobook Boom

Book Summary: A journey through the deepest emotions of the human being, represented in a magical forest, together with an old shaman and seven symbolic animals.

This was a random find that I came across while browsing for free audiobooks. I didn’t know how long it was I only knew the book summary. This was very interesting as I was skeptical at first what it could contain within it.

The story although only around 30 minutes is actually very good and I could see this being part of an even greater work maybe as a chapter about trials the main character might face. This felt Native to me due to the content and the “spirits” in the story.

The Narrator Brooks Corley does a good job at keeping you interested and having different tones and voices for the characters. In My Opinion, I do recommend reading this one and I would like to see this become a much broader work in the future if that ever happens.  

I give this book 4 spirits out of 5.

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