Update and Covidmas

Well, these last few days of 2021and the start of 2022 have certainly not been the best.

Everyone in the household came down with Covid. It isn’t the worst mainly allergy like symptoms however, there was 2 days of crippling migraines and multiple days after that of body pains.

My wife however is getting the worst of it with how bad her coughing is and having just finished up Chemotherapy not too long ago and having her Chemo-Port removed recently.

Ase and Talli also got it and had many restless nights from it with Talli waking up many times throughout the night.

During this time Ase sprayed a whole can of Febreze on the TV effectively killing it off and being distraught that she could no longer watch Blippi on repeat. To cut off any question nope we couldn’t smell it.

I wasn’t able to get much reading done. I did however read through a bit of a webnovel that has caught my attention randomly. It is called “Digging to Survive: I can see Hints”

I do have A book tour coming up and the review is done and ready to go. I am also going to try and have another review when I can as well.

As for the webnovel would anyone like to see a mini review for what I have read so far of it?

Until Next Time,



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