Book Tour: The Girl in the Corn

The Girl in The Corn

By, Jason Offutt

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How obtained: Part of a book tour for the book from Blackthorn Book Tours.

Book Summary:

Beware of what lurks in the corn.

Fairies don’t exist. At least that’s what Thomas Cavanaugh’s parents say. But the events of that one night, when he follows a fairy into the cornfield on his parents’ farm, prove them wrong. What seems like a destructive explosion was, Thomas knows, an encounter with Dauðr, a force that threatens to destroy the fairy’s world and his sanity.

Years later, after a troubled childhood and a series of dead-end jobs, he is still haunted by what he saw that night. One day he crosses paths with a beautiful young woman and a troubled young man, soon realizing that he first met them as a kid while under psychiatric care after his encounters in the cornfield. Has fate brought them together? Are they meant to join forces to save the fairy’s world and their own? Or is one of them not who they claim to be?

I reccomend this for ages 16+ due to violence.

Want a story that takes a hard turn away from what you expected?

This book starts off calm enough as a fantasy tale but quickly jumps into the unexpected and excitement. From meeting a fairy to ending up in a psyche ward the story keeps escalating and going more in depth through the life of Thomas.

As murders continue to rise and an entity comes ever closer to destroying everything Thomas is just trying to keep himself afloat and live his life while being dragged into a fate he wants nothing to do with.

This story definitely kept me guessing and could be very fast paced at times. I do feel like there is enough content in this story that it could of been much longer and I hope to be able to read more in this universe.

In My Opinion, this is a great horror fantasy book and the first one I have read. If you are looking for a story that has fantasy elements along with horror then you should pick up this book.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.

About The Author: Jason Offutt

Jason Offutt
Jason during simpler times

Jason Offutt grew up on a farm near the little town of Orrick, Missouri. In his life he’s been a farm hand, journalist, photographer, bartender, and the mayor of that same small town. Jason now teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, and keeps the world safe from the forces of evil.

Okay, so now that the interview bio’s out the way, here’s who I really am. I’m a nerd. A Dungeons and Dragons playing, “Star Trek” watching, conspiracy theory Fanboy. “The Twilight Zone” is the greatest television program ever created, author Michael Crichton was a wizard, and I once went to a Halloween party dressed as Gilligan (my wife went as Mary Ann. Hubba hubba).

As a kid I looked for Sasquatch footprints in the yard, UFOs over our farmhouse (one night my whole family saw something that shouldn’t – couldn’t – have been in the sky. Damn straight), and one afternoon, alone, I saw a full-bodied apparition that stared at me through hollow eyes.

So, yeah. That’s me. If you want to talk writing, nerd stuff, or the paranormal, send me a message. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible, but if I’m on deadline, that cute kid in the picture can be kind of a dick.


Find Jason at:


Twitter: @TheJasonOffutt

Instagram: @TheJasonOffutt

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