Outback Creed

Outback Creed

Outback Creed

By, Jonathan Macpherson

Format: E-Book

Other Information: Approx. 180 pages

Obtained: From a request on Audiobook Boom originally, Author sent E-Book copy as well. 

Book Description: A city lawyer, on assignment in the outback, intervenes in an abduction and becomes ensnared in a world of corruption, billion dollar stakes and murder.

I can’t say for everyone but where I am from we say everything in Australia either will kill you or wants to kill you. There are some parts of this book that drives that point in deeper for me. That said, Jonathan Macpherson knows his way around a thrilling page turner. 

Outback Creed was a book that I had requested an Audiobook version of and had lost the email. I was able to luck out though and Jonathan reached out to me to see what I thought of the book and sent me an E-Book copy (Thank you so Much!). By the time I got the chance to read this book I had forgotten everything about it and what had made me even want it in the first place. So I apologize and thank you for the patience along with the resend. 
I jumped into this book, and even though it is a bit on the short side, finished it much quicker than I thought I would.

Front to back this book sucked me in and didn’t let me go i was engrossed until I was able to finish it. the characters are fleshed out very nicely and having their stories converge together in the book is not only exciting to have happen but it comes together so naturally you can almost miss it. The information that is in the book about Australia is highly interesting and mixed with some of the violence that happens and corruption makes this book very fun to read.

There was also an excerpt for Jonathan Macphersons book Brazen Violations at the end that i was able to read and from what I was able to get from that I believe it will be just as exciting to read so I look forward to that.

In My Opinion, This book is worth picking up and thumbing through. Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend that wants an exciting read. 

I give this book 4 Taipan bites to the face out of 5.    

Until Next time, 


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