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Secret of the Sword

The Grandfather Chronicles #1

By,  Sean R. Bell

Format Read: E-book

How obtained: As Part of a Storytellers on Tour Book Tour and from the Author.

Book Summary:
An ancient bloodline. A powerful enemy. A hidden sword with the power to save or destroy the Earth.

Ian Dekker is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker and hockey fanatic living a happy life in Toronto, but little does he know his destiny is about to change forever. The arrival of a mysterious letter from his deceased grandfather draws him back to his home city of Montreal, to his grandfather’s old house, where he follows clues that lead him to an astonishing truth. Ian is a descendant of the Pendragons: the family who, in the Middle Ages, established a vast empire in Western Europe, giving rising to legendary figures such as the High King Uther, whose mentor was none other than the great wizard Merlin. However, as Ian learns, King Uther had a jealous sibling named Morgana, who, after living in her brother’s shadow, turned to darkness in order to gain power and exact her revenge. Merlin and Uther managed to trap Morgana inside the sword Excalibur—but now, centuries later, she is on the brink of escaping her magical prison with the help of loyal followers.

This is where Ian comes in. Just like his grandfather before him, Ian must harness his magic and inner strength in order to keep evil at bay. Armed with only his grandfather’s journal, myth comes to life, and Ian is swept into an adventure that takes him across the world and between realms—from light into shadow—as he accepts his destiny. By his side is his childhood friend, Kate, as well as his mother, Lynn, who both help him navigate the mysterious waters of his family history. Ian’s courage and strength are tested as he searches for answers, meeting cruel enemies along the way who use trickery and possession in order to pursue Ian in his quest. In this story, good and evil have the same destination, and only the legacy of a grandson—fuelled by his grandfather’s love and trust—can save the world from complete destruction.

The summary for this book sounded very good to me and it is very straightforward with exactly what the book is about. Definitely a good book for young adult or maybe some tween age.

I enjoyed the mix of Arthurian legends and the mix of secret organizations stemming from that time period. I also have a soft spot for a story about a boy and his Grandpa since that hits close to home for me as I was close to my Grandpa’s before they passed away.
The world building is pretty straight forward as it is simply the world we live in with fantastical elements sprinkled in.

The characters, although I did like them and enjoy reading about them, I felt that there wasn’t a huge amount of character development and what was there felt rushed. The main character Ian finds out about his Grandfather’s past and the task he has inherited and just seems to accept it so simply without any kind of thoughts of “what is all of this nonsense?” Instead he just accepts it and starts looking for clues.

The story itself I found to be quick paced and fun to read. Jumping from event to event and introducing more characters. I would like to see a prequel series with more on the background of Merlins students and Ian’s Grandpa going through his adventures. As it is I will still try to read the next on this series when that becomes a possibility.

In My Opinion, this is a somewhat quick book to read and quick paced. It has plenty of fun to read through and some adventure. A very good fantasy story, that many can and will be able to enjoy.

I give this a 4 out of 5

About the Author: Sean R. Bell

Sean R. Bell

Sean Bell is a Canadian author. Growing up, his creativity and interests were encouraged by the loving relationship he shared with his grandfather. An avid reader, he has long been fascinated by epic narratives, fantasy literature, Arthurian legends, and powerful villains. Combined, these influences led to the writing of his first book, The Secret of the Sword, which is part of his forthcoming series, The Grandfather Chronicles. His imagination and dedication to nurturing family values has helped Sean in creating a world filled with magic that readers of all ages will relate to. He currently resides in St. Catharines, Ontario, with his dog Rocky. 

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Prize: The Secret of the Sword by Sean R. Bell – International

Grand Prize: A Signed Hardcover Copy

Runner-Up: A Signed Paperback Copy

Starts: December 12th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

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A Healer’s Gift

A Healer’s Gift

Series: Adventures on Brad #1

By, Tao Wong

Format Read: E-Book

How Obtained: Free Novel from Voracious Readers and Free in Kindle store currently

Book Summary:

Daniel was Gifted by the gods at birth, able to heal with a touch even the most grievous wounds. Born in a mining camp, he’s unable to still his restless heart and journey’s to a nearby Dungeon town to take his first steps as an Adventurer. Follow his journey in a world filled with monsters, dungeons and a leveling system. A traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.

So I am a sucker currently for LitRPG’S (Thank you webnovel) and I found this to be similar in the vein of a few that I like such as Super Gene or Rise of a Porter where the character goes from weak to strong. The main character in this is still somewhat weak by the end of this as it is only the first novel in a series.

I like the fantasy storyline and the adventure that you find the main character going on and how he doesn’t suddenly become overpowered from a chance encounter immediately. Instead Daniel is in the grind and getting beat up while slowly learning and growing.

I found Daniel to be very likeable as a character and enjoy how he is developing as the story progresses. I also enjoy how other characters seem to gravitate to him as he is such a nice and likeable guy. I can’t wait to read how he continues to progress through his adventures and partying up with more characters.

In My Opinion, this is a great start to a series and it is a great LitRPG for people who not only enjoy the genre but for those who may want to try the genre out for the first time. I for one can’t wait to see where this series goes and how it continues to build the characters and the world.

I give this book, 4 levels out of 5.

About the Author: Tao Wong

Born: Malaysia
Genre Fantasy, Science Fiction
Goodreads Member Since October 2011
Tao Wong grew up in Malaysia, did his degrees in the UK and then after a years working in SEA, moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Afterwards, he ended up in Whitehorse, the Yukon where he resides most days with his wife and child working and writing the stories that build in his head.

A lifelong gamer and reader, he’s managed to find a niche where he can write about areas to his content.

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ARC Review: Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons

Series: A Miss Percy’s Guide

By, Quenby Olson

Format Read: E-Book

How I Obtained: ARC Review Copy from Author through Voracious Readers Program

Links to Book:

Book Summary:
Miss Mildred Percy inherits a dragon.

Ah, but we’ve already got ahead of ourselves…

Miss Mildred Percy is a spinster. She does not dance, she has long stopped dreaming, and she certainly does not have adventures. That is, until her great uncle has the audacity to leave her an inheritance, one that includes a dragon’s egg.

The egg – as eggs are wont to do – decides to hatch, and Miss Mildred Percy is suddenly thrust out of the role of “spinster and general wallflower” and into the unprecedented position of “spinster and keeper of dragons.”

But England has not seen a dragon since… well, ever. And now Mildred must contend with raising a dragon (that should not exist), kindling a romance (with a humble vicar), and embarking on an adventure she never thought could be hers for the taking.

A Fantastical tale that I feel goes right in there with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. However, this is from a muggles perspective.

Miss Percy is a spinster that lives under the thumb of her younger sister . She also gave up her dreams in lieu of taking care of her sister and her sisters family by allowing her sister to marry and live her own life while also taking care of her nieces and nephew. She happens to gain quite an odd inheritance in the form of a dragon egg. What starts out as a quest for knowledge about the things that were left to her in an inheritance, quickly turns into a Fantastical Adventure breathing new life into an old spinsters life.

I like how wonderful the character development of Miss Percy is as it felt really natural and was gradual enough that you could grow into her frame of mind easily and get to know her without everything just dropping on you at one time.

The entire world that this takes place in also feels incredibly well put together and it’s still developing. I also thoroughly enjoyed how the author would put in little tidbits almost as if they were speaking to you directly about what’s going on or just sometimes little comments about “I’m only going to comment about this one time.” I found them to be quite fun.

This book is filled with content that is suitable for pretty much all ages but right around young adult seems to be the target audience.

In My Opinion, This is a very great start to the beginning of even more Adventures of Miss Percy and her guides and I cannot wait to see how it all develops. I also hope in the future there will be of course more dragons and maybe even some other creatures discovered.

I give this 4 Dragon Eggs out of 5.

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About the Author: Quenby Olson

Quenby Olson
(Pic From Facebook Page)

Quenby Olson lives in Central Pennsylvania where she spends most of her time writing, glaring at baskets of unfolded laundry, and chasing the cat off the kitchen counters. She lives with her husband and two daughters, who do nothing to dampen her love of classical ballet, geeky crochet, and staying up late to watch old episodes of Doctor Who.

Where to Find the Author:




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Book Tour: Little White Hands with Giveaway

Little White Hands

Little White Hands

Series: Garlan Greatheart #1

By, Mark Cushen

Format Read: Physical Copy 303 pages

Book Links:


Obtained from: Storytellers On Tour and Mark Cushen for event.


Garlan’s dreams of being just like the knights he idolizes may not be as impossible as he has always been led to believe, when he is chased from his home and thrust headlong into the kind of adventure he had only ever read about in books.

Setting out on a journey that spans the entire kingdom of Faeland, Garlan will traverse impossible mountains and stormy seas and battle terrible monsters, all to keep the world he knows safe from an enemy who will stop at nothing to bring about a never-ending winter.

With a cast of fantastical characters to aid him in his quest, can Garlan overcome his self-doubt and find the courage he needs to rise above his humble station and become the hero he always dreamed of being?

The fate of the world rests in his hands.

I Read this book is part of a book tour from Storytellers On Tour and was completely blown away by how in-depth the entire world is and we’ve only scratched the surface. I got to the point I was reading this book for what ended up as over 6 hours straight. Something I haven’t done in quite awhile.

The story definitely started with the kitchen boy Garlan that is bumbling around “training” as a knight while dreaming of the adventures he would like to have before he was able to find his way and grow into a stronger character.

Luckily, he meets a few friends that are able to help him along the way. I definitely say I could use an Old Face in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the growth of the main character Garlan as the series progressed. Garland to be highly relatable while growing up having some of the same self-doubt that many of us have not only in adulthood but also quite frequently as children. The growth didn’t feel forced and everything seemed to happen kind of organically as he grew into himself a more. He was definitely not overpowered but he did have some luck on his side and was able to sharpen his skills through his trials.

I do think that this is for a little bit older young adults maybe around Middle School age as there are some areas of violence. But overall I think just about any age can really enjoy this adventure.

In my opinion this is a great story and hopefully just the beginning to a series that I hope goes on for a very long time, I look forward to the next book as this one was highly exciting and fraught with adventure and a few twists.

There’s no other way to rate this, I give this book 5 wooden swords out of 5.

About the Author: Mark Cushen

Mark Cushen

Mark has loved the fantasy genre since he accidentally stumbled onto Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion masterpiece, “Jason and the Argonauts”, while channel-hopping one Christmas-time Saturday afternoon, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 8.
Ever since then he has been obsessed with stories of sword-wielding heroes battling monsters in fantastical lands, and is now attemping to create his own.Little White Hands is the first of (hopefully) many.

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