The Living Waters Book Tour Review Plus GIVEAWAY!!

The Living Waters

Series: The Weirdwater Confluence duology #1

By, Dan Fitzgerald

Format Read: Physical Copy/ E-Book 300 Pages

Book Links: Goodreads, Purchase Link

How Obtained: Review Copy for Book Tour from Story Tellers on Tour and Author

Other Information:
PUBLISHED: October 15, 2021
GENRE: Sword-free Fantasy
PUBLISHER: Shadow Spark Publishing


When two painted-faced nobles take a guided raft trip on a muddy river, they expect to rough it for a few weeks before returning to their life of sheltered ease. But when mysterious swirls start appearing in the water, even their seasoned guides get rattled.  

The mystery of the swirls lures them on to seek the mythical wetlands known as the Living Waters. They discover a world beyond their imagining, but stranger still are the worlds they find inside their own minds as they are drawn deep into the troubles of this hidden place.  

The Living Waters is a sword-free fantasy novel featuring an ethereal love story, meditation magic, and an ancient book with cryptic marginalia.

The Living Waters is a Sword-Free Fantasy Novel By Dan Fitzgerald, and the first book of The Weirdwater Confluence series. I was lucky enough to be accepted to obtain a review copy of the book and join in on the tour by SOT Tours and the Author. 

I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when I saw that it was a sword-free fantasy as I had always thought the two went hand in hand. Dan Fitzgerald turned my world upside down changing my thoughts on what a fantasy tale could be. Dan weaves a tale of magic, mystery, action, and a bit of a love story together to make quite an original piece of literature that is sure to make others change their minds on what fantasy can be.

The book is intended for adults or an older age group as there is some content that could be considered a bit sexual in nature though not overbearing or in graphic detail at all. there is also plenty of action throughout the book to keep you entertained and a great adventure in a beautifully set up world filled with great characters, beasts, twists, and tough moral situations. 

This book is incredibly more intense compared to what I would think a sword-free fantasy could be. The trip that you go through in this has is a roller coaster of emotions and events that can be a bit much to take in at times. I also wish I knew a bit more about the background of the culture of the painted people and some of the others you meet. Maybe some sort of prequel novella or novel that could help set this book up a bit more as you do get thrust into it all pretty quick.

In My Opinion, This is a great book to get out of that familiar comfort zone that many of us turn to in the fantasy genre and is a great start to the series. I look forward to the next book and hope I get the chance to get to it (looking at you Dan)

I give this this book a 4 out of 5.

About the Author:

Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald is the fantasy author of the Maer Cycle trilogy (character-driven low-magic fantasy) and the upcoming Weirdwater Confluence duology (sword-free fantasy with unusual love stories). The Living Waters comes out October 15, 2021 and The Isle of a Thousand Worlds arrives January 15, 2022, bothfrom Shadow Spark Publishing.  

He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, twin boys, and two cats. When not writing he might be found doing yoga, gardening, cooking, or listening to French music. 

Contact Dan at:

His Website



His Pubishers: Info

Their Website



Until next time,



Prize: A signed hardcover copy of The Living Waters by Dan Fitzgerald + Swag – US Only

Starts: November 28th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

Ends: December 5th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

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Dare To Know

Dare To Know

By, James Kennedy

Format: Physical Paperback Advance Readers Copy

Obtained: Giveaway on Goodreads with request for an honest review

Book Description: Dark Matter meets Annihilation in this mind-bending and emotional speculative thriller set in a world where the exact moment of your death can be predicted–for a price.

Our narrator is the most talented salesman at Dare to Know, a prestigious and enigmatic company in the death-prediction business. While he has mastered the art of death, the rest of his life is an abject failure. Divorced, estranged from his sons, and broke, he’s driven to violate the cardinal rule of his business by forecasting his own death day. The problem: apparently he died 23 minutes ago.

The only person who can confirm his prediction is Julia, the woman he loved and lost during his rise up the ranks of Dare to Know. As he travels across the country to see her, our narrator is forced to confront his past, the choices he’s made, and the terrifying truth about the company he works for–and his role there.

Highly ambitious and totally immersive, this adrenaline-fueled thriller explores the destructive power of knowledge and collapses the boundaries between reality, myth, and conspiracy as it races toward its stunning conclusion.

Other Information: 304 pages

First published September 14, 2021

ISBN 13 9781683692607

This is the debut novel from James Kennedy, Dare to Know is a highly entertaining thrill ride.

I found the beginning to be a bit of a slow start and a bit difficult to get into at first. You bounced around between past and present to find out the origins of how they figure up when you will die so accurately. It is a bit of a trip going through the life of the narrator only to find out he should have died 23 minutes ago.

As the story progresses the speed and intensity picks up a little bit slowly at first but then it snowballs into an exciting suspenseful and a bit scary to think if this actually could happen and have this kind of math or service. And I’m not just talking about the math involved as I am terrible at math and just thinking about it is terrifying enough.

I don’t really want to give away everything that happens in this book. As I try to write as close to spoiler-free as possible. Though, I have barely scratched the surface at this point.

In My Opinion, Dare to Know deserves a read. Definitely pick up your copy as soon as you have a chance and hold onto your seat. I have a feeling that this will become a popular book if not a book with a huge cult following.

Do you think that you have the fortitude in order to dare to know your time?

I give this book 4 thanatons out of 5.

Until Next Time,


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Book Tour: Ronin Cleans His Room Like A Ninja

Ronin Cleans His Room Like A Ninja

Ronin Cleans his Room Like a Ninja

By, Chris Roy

Illustrations By, Lucas Romão

Format Read: Physical Copy Approx 50 pages

How Obtained: From Blackberry Book Tours and Chris Roy as part of the Book Tour

Book Links:



Book Summary:
Ronin couldn’t wait to grow up so people would stop telling him what to do.

His Uncle Max is cool, so Ronin was comfortable talking about ninja stuff with him. While Ronin’s parents are away on vacation, Uncle Max shows him what it takes to become a ninja. Combining play with a lesson in discipline, the story and illustrations show kids a different way to think about cleaning their room.

I received this book from Blackberry Book Tours as part of the Book Tour for for the book. I apologize as I know the book tour technically ended on the 11th but I was unable to have it read by then due to my conflicting schedule and because I do these particular book reviews with my Daughters (usually Ase my oldest daughter at a few months over 2 years old now).

This is a very fun picture book and I read it along with my two-year-old Ase for my first read through with an encore reading it to my youngest Talli. This book is right up my oldest daughters alley as Ase appreciates being a Ninja. She always likes to try and do karate ever since she watched the Kobra Kai series and the original Karate Kid movies.

The book for most of it was easy enough to keep my child’s attention through almost the entire thing. It was only at the last couple of pages it got pretty long-winded for her and started to lose her interest a bit.

I found the illustrations by Lucas Romão to be very well drawn and matched up with the story quite well. The illustrations were quite detailed the more you look at them all the way down to Uncle Max’s arm hair and a rendition of the Hulk on a poster in the background.

In My Opinion, I think this is a very good book for kids especially those are early readers and with any luck we’ll help keep kids to be like Ronin and clean their rooms and do their homework.

This book got Ases coveted thumbs up, and I also give this book 4 “Haaa!”s out of 5.

Until Next Time,


About the Author: Chris Roy

Chris Roy

Chris Roy is the author of With Her Fists, the Razor trilogy, Her Name Is Mercie, Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja, and has numerous short stories published at Close to the Bone. He is a published tattoo artist (Rise Tattoo Magazine, ATC Tattoo Books app) and a boxing trainer.

You can find Chris on Twitter @ChrisRoyCrime.

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Mail Call 6

So when I enter the giveaway for these books I honestly never expected to win. I just randomly like to enter giveaways always hoping for the best but expecting I won’t win cuz I don’t feel like I’m one of them lucky people.

I know if you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll think I’m winning constantly and I admit I have a pretty decent amount of wins under my belt. But what you don’t see as how many losses I have also had. To be honest even I don’t look at how many losses I have had.

I received both of these from giveaways on


World at the Lakes Edge #1, Lakesedge #1

By, Lyndall Clipstone

A lush gothic fantasy about monsters and magic, set on the banks of a cursed lake. Perfect for fans of Naomi Novik and Brigid Kemmerer.

There are monsters in the world.

When Violeta Graceling arrives at haunted Lakesedge estate, she expects to find a monster. She knows the terrifying rumors about Rowan Sylvanan, who drowned his entire family when he was a boy. But neither the estate nor the monster are what they seem.

There are monsters in the woods.

As Leta falls for Rowan, she discovers he is bound to the Lord Under, the sinister death god lurking in the black waters of the lake. A creature to whom Leta is inexplicably drawn…

There’s a monster in the shadows, and now it knows my name.

Now, to save Rowan—and herself—Leta must confront the darkness in her past, including unraveling the mystery of her connection to the Lord Under.

For Those Who Dare

By, John Anthony Miller

East Berlin, 1961. Kirstin Beck is determined to escape to the West. She watches from her townhouse window as the border with West Berlin is closed, and a barbed wire fence strung through the cemetery behind her house. With a grandmother in West Berlin that needs her, Kirstin knows she has to go.

Tony Marino is an American writer living in West Berlin. As he watches the nearby construction progress, he sees a beautiful woman looking from her townhouse window. Kirstin holds up a sign for Tony to see.


The two hatch a plan for Kirstin to get over the border, but the mission is not easy. With the Stasi closing in on them, Kirstin and Tony enter a kaleidoscope of deceit and danger, determined to attain freedom at any cost. But in a country torn between communism and capitalism, can Kirstin escape the world she can’t endure?

I have to say I’m pretty stoked for both of these titles. Obviously, I very much like anything that is fantasy or dark fantasy. But I am also a huge nerd for history books whether it is historical fiction or historical nonfiction.

So what book are you most excited for? Are you going to be picking up any of these titles? As always I recommend picking up both books and giving them a whirl.

Until next time,


Book Tour: Little White Hands with Giveaway

Little White Hands

Little White Hands

Series: Garlan Greatheart #1

By, Mark Cushen

Format Read: Physical Copy 303 pages

Book Links:


Obtained from: Storytellers On Tour and Mark Cushen for event.


Garlan’s dreams of being just like the knights he idolizes may not be as impossible as he has always been led to believe, when he is chased from his home and thrust headlong into the kind of adventure he had only ever read about in books.

Setting out on a journey that spans the entire kingdom of Faeland, Garlan will traverse impossible mountains and stormy seas and battle terrible monsters, all to keep the world he knows safe from an enemy who will stop at nothing to bring about a never-ending winter.

With a cast of fantastical characters to aid him in his quest, can Garlan overcome his self-doubt and find the courage he needs to rise above his humble station and become the hero he always dreamed of being?

The fate of the world rests in his hands.

I Read this book is part of a book tour from Storytellers On Tour and was completely blown away by how in-depth the entire world is and we’ve only scratched the surface. I got to the point I was reading this book for what ended up as over 6 hours straight. Something I haven’t done in quite awhile.

The story definitely started with the kitchen boy Garlan that is bumbling around “training” as a knight while dreaming of the adventures he would like to have before he was able to find his way and grow into a stronger character.

Luckily, he meets a few friends that are able to help him along the way. I definitely say I could use an Old Face in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the growth of the main character Garlan as the series progressed. Garland to be highly relatable while growing up having some of the same self-doubt that many of us have not only in adulthood but also quite frequently as children. The growth didn’t feel forced and everything seemed to happen kind of organically as he grew into himself a more. He was definitely not overpowered but he did have some luck on his side and was able to sharpen his skills through his trials.

I do think that this is for a little bit older young adults maybe around Middle School age as there are some areas of violence. But overall I think just about any age can really enjoy this adventure.

In my opinion this is a great story and hopefully just the beginning to a series that I hope goes on for a very long time, I look forward to the next book as this one was highly exciting and fraught with adventure and a few twists.

There’s no other way to rate this, I give this book 5 wooden swords out of 5.

About the Author: Mark Cushen

Mark Cushen

Mark has loved the fantasy genre since he accidentally stumbled onto Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion masterpiece, “Jason and the Argonauts”, while channel-hopping one Christmas-time Saturday afternoon, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 8.
Ever since then he has been obsessed with stories of sword-wielding heroes battling monsters in fantastical lands, and is now attemping to create his own.Little White Hands is the first of (hopefully) many.

Find Mark At

Website –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Facebook –


We’re hosting a tour-wide giveaway, and invite you to take part! Below you’ll find the prize info.

Prize: A signed copy of Little White Hands by Mark Cushen – International

Starts: November 10th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

Ends: November 15th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

Rafflecopter Giveaway: Click Here for Giveaway

Direct link:

Until next time,

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The Beating Wings

The Beating Wings

By, Emmet O’Cuana

Artwork by, Jefferson Sadzinski

Lettering & Design by, Thomas Mauer

Cover by, Tim Molloy

Format read: Physical Graphic Novel

How Obtained: Twitter Giveaway and send to me By Emmet O’Cuana

The Beating of Wings is the first Graphic Novel/comic that I have had the chance to fully review since starting my blog.

The story by Emmet O’ Cuana is very good and I really enjoy the Fantasy/Horror world that he has put together. The story takes place in a world where Magic and religion are very much intertwined. The story reminded me of the same kind of vibe as Trinity Blood or Blood+ from when I was younger. I do think this could be a great prequel or teaser for a much larger universe and I hope that the writer and the rest of the team could expand upon this work.

The artwork for the cover at first glance was a bit misleading as I didn’t immediately dive into the comic. I also didn’t do much more then a glance when I first looked at it. After reading the comic and looking at the cover however I see it in a much different light. The cover has an incredible amount of thought and work put into it and has many easily missed details when you first glance over it.

The illustrations inside the comic are no less gorgeous then the cover and if anything even more intense then what you might originally think. The world easily could fit into Constantine. The artwork of this is absolutely beautiful and incredibly brutal I do think that anyone into fantasy horror that picks it up will enjoy it.

The penmanship worked out great and looks gorgeous as well just like the rest of the book and fits in great with the overall feel.

This team has to be one of my favorite for comics now and I hope they can expand upon this world even more. I would like to see more fleshed out storyline with more details and context going more in depth with the characters possibly more backstories or what happens after this comic.

In My Opinion, this comic deserves to be put in the spotlight and shared. Although short, the story is intense and brutal with some scenes being pretty well covered with Blood. If you are a fan of stories like Constantine, Trinity Blood, or Blood+ I think you will enjoy this.

I give The Beating of Wings 4 Demons out of 5.

Until Next Time,


Until next time,


Mail Call 5: Instagram Special

What’s In the Bag?!?!?

So today we have a bit of a special mail call. I was going to do this post earlier but I ran short on time. This was a giveaway that I was fortunate enough to win on Instagram. This is also the first time I have won something on Instagram.

I have to admit I am thoroughly impressed by the job of wrapping that was done on this. I definitely have to give props to whoever ended up wrapping it.

So I may not be the best at building antici……………….

…pation. but without further ado here come the books.

The Mad Women’s Ball

By, Victoria Mas

A literary historical novel detailing the horrors faced by institutionalized women in 19th century Paris—soon to be a major film with Amazon Studios

The Salpetriere Asylum: Paris, 1885. Dr. Charcot holds all of Paris in thrall with his displays of hypnotism on women who have been deemed mad and cast out from society. But the truth is much more complicated—these women are often simply inconvenient, unwanted wives, those who have lost something precious, wayward daughters, or girls born from adulterous relationships. For Parisian society, the highlight of the year is the Lenten ball—the Madwomen’s Ball—when the great and good come to gawk at the patients of the Salpetriere dressed up in their finery for one night only. For the women themselves, it is a rare moment of hope.

Genevieve is a senior nurse. After the childhood death of her sister Blandine, she shunned religion and placed her faith in both the celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Charcot and science. But everything begins to change when she meets Eugenie—the 19-year-old daughter of a bourgeois family that has locked her away in the asylum. Because Eugenie has a secret: she sees spirits. Inspired by the scandalous, banned work that all of Paris is talking about, The Book of Spirits,Eugenie is determined to escape from the asylum—and the bonds of her gender—and seek out those who will believe in her. And for that she will need Genevieve’s help . . .


By, Jess Lourey

The Amazon Charts bestselling author of Unspeakable Things and Bloodline explores the darkness at the heart of the rural Midwest in a novel inspired by a chilling true crime.

In the summer of ’84, fourteen-year-old Frankie Jubilee is shuttled off to Litani, Minnesota, to live with her estranged mother, a county prosecutor she barely knows. From the start, Frankie senses something uneasy going on in the small town. The locals whisper about The Game, and her mother warns her to stay out of the woods and away from adults.

When a bullying gang of girls invites Frankie to The Game, she accepts, determined to find out what’s really going on in Litani. She’s not the only one becoming paranoid. Hysteria burns through the community. Dark secrets emerge. And Frankie fears that, even in the bright light of day, she might be living among monsters.

Velvet Was the Night

By, Silvia Moreno-Garcia

From the New York Times bestselling author of Mexican Gothic comes a “delicious, twisted treat for lovers of noir” about a daydreaming secretary, a lonesome enforcer, and the mystery of a missing woman they’re both desperate to find.

1970s, Mexico City. Maite is a secretary who lives for one thing: the latest issue of Secret Romance. While student protests and political unrest consume the city, Maite escapes into stories of passion and danger.

Her next-door neighbor, Leonora, a beautiful art student, seems to live a life of intrigue and romance that Maite envies. When Leonora disappears under suspicious circumstances, Maite finds herself searching for the missing woman—and journeying deeper into Leonora’s secret life of student radicals and dissidents.

Meanwhile, someone else is also looking for Leonora at the behest of his boss, a shadowy figure who commands goon squads dedicated to squashing political activists. Elvis is an eccentric criminal who longs to escape his own life: He loathes violence and loves old movies and rock ’n’ roll. But as Elvis searches for the missing woman, he comes to observe Maite from a distance—and grows more and more obsessed with this woman who shares his love of music and the unspoken loneliness of his heart.

Now as Maite and Elvis come closer to discovering the truth behind Leonora’s disappearance, they can no longer escape the danger that threatens to consume their lives, with hitmen, government agents, and Russian spies all aiming to protect Leonora’s secrets—at gunpoint.

Velvet Was the Night is an edgy, simmering historical novel for lovers of smoky noirs and anti-heroes.

So that is all for my fancy special mail call. What is your favorite out of the ones that I have received? What would you like to read?

I recommend picking up all these and reading them for yourself. I know I can’t wait to start diving in I just need to figure out which one to start with. I am leaning more towards “Velvet Was the Night” by, Silvia Moreno-Garcia as I am most familiar with this author and really enjoy her work.

Until Next Time,


Kate the Kitty Beats Boredom

Kate the Kitty Beats Boredom

By, Kristine Hokstad-Myzyri

Illustrations by, Daria Shamolina

Format: Physical copy

How Obtained: Bought on Amazon

This is the last book I had the pleasure to read with Ase this weekend. Talli was still enamored with Pig the Pug and had to look through it on her own while Ase and I read through Kate the Kitty Beats Boredom.

This is the 2nd Kate the Kitty book that we have read By the wonderful Kristine Hokstad-Myzyri and I have to say we have quite enjoyed reading these books. Talli being 1 doesn’t quite have the attention span for this particular book at all. But Ase was able to sit on my lap and let me read it to her with full attention.

Admittedly, this was the 2nd time to try and read through it as the first time even Ase didn’t have the attention span to get through more then half of the book.

This book just like the last Kate the Kitty was very fun to read and seems to be interesting enough for my 2 year old Ase to sit through. This one definitely pushes the limit though of her attention span since it is considerably longer then the first book. I am sure I am reading books that are for a bit of an older child but she seems to really enjoy the first book of Kate the Kitty so of course we had to get this one as well.

The Illustrations by Daria Shamolina are very cute and fun just like the last Kate the Kitty book. Daria Shamolina does a great job of making the pictures just pop with so much color and make what’s happening interest for children.

We look forward to reading more by Kristine Hokstad-Myzyri and more adventures with Kate the Kitty in the future.

In My Opinion, this is a great addition to the Kate the Kitty books even if it is a bit long for my girls to pay attention to.

Ase gives her approval of 2 thumbs up and I give this book a 4 stars out of 5.

Until next time,


Pig the Pug

Pig the Pug

By, Aaron Blabey

Format Read: Physical Book

How Obtained: Bought at Barnes and Noble

It has been awhile since I have had the chance to sit down and read with my girls. I am over the sky happy to of had the chance to do that this weekend.

We got through a couple of books (see next children’s book review) but this review is not about that book. The first book we read was Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey.

This book was a very good children’s book and easily kept the attention of my 2 year old Ase as well as my 1 year old Talli. We found the story to be similar to how Ase sometimes tries to treat her younger sister by claiming everything is “mine, mine!” While taking everything from her sister.

The illustrations were outrageously funny and entertaining with the somewhat over the top reactions from Pig the Pug while somehow staying accurate to how pugs look.

In My Opinion, this is a very fun and funny book to sit down and read to your kids for a fun time and I highly recommend it.

I give this Children’s book a 5 out of 5 stars and it also gets the coveted 2 thumbs up out of 2 from Ase and two out of two thumbs up from Talli.

Until next time,


Mail Call 4

I have had a few goodies pop up in the mail these last couple of days and haven’t had the chance to post them up. Definitely take a look at these and maybe grab yourself a copy!

Obligatory post about my photo taking skills. Not so good. However, I did get my most wonderful Wife to take some of them and I am sure that you can guess which ones.

A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping

By, Kami King Larsen

In the frigid waters, off a moonlit beach, a magical transformation is occurring.

The Girl
Aylee is a shop-keeper’s daughter in a nameless coastal town. Kind, thoughtful, and recovering from a broken heart, she yearns for a life she may never have. She would do just about anything to make her parents happy, including perhaps, living a life she doesn’t want.

The Stranger
On a brisk autumn morning, Aylee stumbles upon Cailean. He’s an outsider—lost, confused, and very much out of place. Cailean has more than a few secrets, but for reasons Aylee can’t quite explain, the two strike up a quick friendship.

The Peril
Cailean has lost a very valuable item—one that may mean the difference between life and death. As Aylee and Cailean search for answers, they call on friends and enemies alike in the hope of avoiding tragedy. In the process, Aylee must confront danger in many forms—both human and fey—all while learning just as much about herself as the mysterious people and creatures surrounding her. What will she choose for herself in the end, and who will she lose as she fights for her new friend and her own future?

Steeped in Celtic folklore, A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping is a timeless tale sure to bring a smile to your heart and possibly a tear to your eye. It is a magical story of love, friendship, and accepting not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Earth’s Custodians

The White Dragon Saga Book 4

By, Paul Cude

*Note* I plan to get the other books in the series first before I read this one

Good vs evil has never looked so prehistoric.

The world is teetering on the brink of destruction as dark, malevolent forces threaten to engulf it.
Peter and the white dragon have been captured, and the king and his meagre militia are trapped behind enemy lines with no way out.
Everything hinges on a chilling rescue attempt, deep in Antarctica.

Magical mischief making terrorises the planet’s surface as some of the friends are reunited for the very last time. With deaths on both sides, just who will be saved, and will the fate of the planet finally return to its righteous prehistoric protectors?

Is surrendering to Manson’s deadly army really the way to go? And is it possible to travel half way around the world in the blink of an eye?

Will a surprising decision by the dragon resistance’s leader help or hinder their assault on the capital?

Astounding allies and rampaging magical creatures are only surpassed by the family reunion from hell.

In a magical battle that will have global repercussions, everyone must give their all. But will it be enough?

Into the Stars

Book One of the Rise of the Republic

By, Paul Rosone

The stars are within mankind’s reach…

…But what awaits in the void may end humanity…

Mars and the Moon have been colonized, piracy runs rampant in the asteroid belts, and a thriving society grows in the depths of space. Humanity prepares to embark upon its greatest journey—the colonization of Alpha Centauri.

Then everything changes…

A deep space reconnaissance probe discovers a new Earth-like planet twelve light-years from Earth’s sun. The probe also finds something unusual, something…unnerving. A new mission is created, a space fleet is formed, and humanity embarks on unraveling the greatest mystery of all—the origins of life itself.

Can the factions of Earth remain united, or will old rivalries and animosities destroy the fragile peace in the face of this terrifying existential threat?

Will exploration prove to be a fatal mistake?

If you love new technologies, fast-paced action and gut-wrenching turns of fate, you’ll love this first book in James Rosone’s military sci-fi series, The Rise of the Republic.

Grab your copy of this page-turner today.

The Rise of the Republic Series is best read in order, as each book builds upon the previous work. The reading order is as listed:

Book One: Into the Stars

Book Two: Into the Battle

Book Three: Into the War

Book Four: TBD

Book Five: TBD

Book Six: TBD

Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises

By, PJ Flie

*Note* This has been on my TBR for a little while now and I just recieved the ARC, I have also read a few pages already as well.

A world filled with magic, wizards and, enchanted beings—or the ashes of a highly advanced civilization?

The truth is much more complicated.

Zairoc, a dark wizard

Sir Francis, a benevolent wizard

Trick Mark, Captain of the guard

and the construction robot CD-45

Their destinies will collide at the city of Bastion. But concealed from everyone, a young woman holds the key to each of their fates.

Ondreeal has lived her whole life on the farm with her callous adoptive father. She longs to see the world and witness for herself the magical wonders that fill it—and she’ll soon get her wish, thrust into an adventure that carries her to heights she never dreamed possible, and to the depths of despair and loneliness. Ondreeal can never become the hero the world wants her to be.

But will she become the hero it needs?

That’s all I have for today. I really hope you enjoyed looking into these books and was able to add some to your TBR list. Grab your copies today!

What was your favorite cover? What was the book description that you are excited for the most?

Until next time,