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Secret of the Sword

The Grandfather Chronicles #1

By,  Sean R. Bell

Format Read: E-book

How obtained: As Part of a Storytellers on Tour Book Tour and from the Author.

Book Summary:
An ancient bloodline. A powerful enemy. A hidden sword with the power to save or destroy the Earth.

Ian Dekker is a twenty-five-year-old filmmaker and hockey fanatic living a happy life in Toronto, but little does he know his destiny is about to change forever. The arrival of a mysterious letter from his deceased grandfather draws him back to his home city of Montreal, to his grandfather’s old house, where he follows clues that lead him to an astonishing truth. Ian is a descendant of the Pendragons: the family who, in the Middle Ages, established a vast empire in Western Europe, giving rising to legendary figures such as the High King Uther, whose mentor was none other than the great wizard Merlin. However, as Ian learns, King Uther had a jealous sibling named Morgana, who, after living in her brother’s shadow, turned to darkness in order to gain power and exact her revenge. Merlin and Uther managed to trap Morgana inside the sword Excalibur—but now, centuries later, she is on the brink of escaping her magical prison with the help of loyal followers.

This is where Ian comes in. Just like his grandfather before him, Ian must harness his magic and inner strength in order to keep evil at bay. Armed with only his grandfather’s journal, myth comes to life, and Ian is swept into an adventure that takes him across the world and between realms—from light into shadow—as he accepts his destiny. By his side is his childhood friend, Kate, as well as his mother, Lynn, who both help him navigate the mysterious waters of his family history. Ian’s courage and strength are tested as he searches for answers, meeting cruel enemies along the way who use trickery and possession in order to pursue Ian in his quest. In this story, good and evil have the same destination, and only the legacy of a grandson—fuelled by his grandfather’s love and trust—can save the world from complete destruction.

The summary for this book sounded very good to me and it is very straightforward with exactly what the book is about. Definitely a good book for young adult or maybe some tween age.

I enjoyed the mix of Arthurian legends and the mix of secret organizations stemming from that time period. I also have a soft spot for a story about a boy and his Grandpa since that hits close to home for me as I was close to my Grandpa’s before they passed away.
The world building is pretty straight forward as it is simply the world we live in with fantastical elements sprinkled in.

The characters, although I did like them and enjoy reading about them, I felt that there wasn’t a huge amount of character development and what was there felt rushed. The main character Ian finds out about his Grandfather’s past and the task he has inherited and just seems to accept it so simply without any kind of thoughts of “what is all of this nonsense?” Instead he just accepts it and starts looking for clues.

The story itself I found to be quick paced and fun to read. Jumping from event to event and introducing more characters. I would like to see a prequel series with more on the background of Merlins students and Ian’s Grandpa going through his adventures. As it is I will still try to read the next on this series when that becomes a possibility.

In My Opinion, this is a somewhat quick book to read and quick paced. It has plenty of fun to read through and some adventure. A very good fantasy story, that many can and will be able to enjoy.

I give this a 4 out of 5

About the Author: Sean R. Bell

Sean R. Bell

Sean Bell is a Canadian author. Growing up, his creativity and interests were encouraged by the loving relationship he shared with his grandfather. An avid reader, he has long been fascinated by epic narratives, fantasy literature, Arthurian legends, and powerful villains. Combined, these influences led to the writing of his first book, The Secret of the Sword, which is part of his forthcoming series, The Grandfather Chronicles. His imagination and dedication to nurturing family values has helped Sean in creating a world filled with magic that readers of all ages will relate to. He currently resides in St. Catharines, Ontario, with his dog Rocky. 

Find Sean at:






Prize: The Secret of the Sword by Sean R. Bell – International

Grand Prize: A Signed Hardcover Copy

Runner-Up: A Signed Paperback Copy

Starts: December 12th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

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Pulse Book Blitz with Giveaway



Series: Pulse #1

By, B.A. Bellec

Format Read: E-Book with Playback from Evie App

Book Links:

How I Obtained:  As part of a book tour from Storytellers On Tour

Other Information:
Published December 1, 2021
Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi Horror
Intended Age Group: 16+
Pages: 364
Publisher: Self-Published

Book Summary:
Pulse is a multi-POV dystopian sci-fi horror thriller set in 2040, centered around a corporation, a creature, and a music festival. Think Fyre Festival, Black Mirror, and X-Files combined. The story deals with themes of capitalism, consumerism, business, politics, pandemics, climate change, activism, and technology while bouncing between a diverse group of characters sure to entertain almost anyone. The book is already being praised for its fantastic use of horror, engaging world-building, and genre-bending approach utilizing some screenplay-like formatting. This is the first entry in a new series with the sequel well underway.

I read this as part of a book tour in an ebook format. This was a bit of a slow start at first but it quickly changes gears and sucks you in before you know what happened. I thought that this story was very foreboding about what kind of a future we could be heading towards with a Sci-Fi twist .

Pulse is definitely a book that is intended for an older audience, suggested 16+, as there are some very visceral scenes throughout the book that are incredibly gory, with more adult-oriented themes. The content warning  being drug and alcohol use, body horror, violence (creature attacks & people murdered), car accident, gun use, torture, and miscarriage.

The World building is incredible, as I said before especially in light of some recent events, very foreboding about where we could be heading in the future. I also thoroughly enjoyed many of the characters that were introduced throughout the story. Some of the characters definitely a bit more memorable than others and a few of them turned out to be a little bit more essential to the plot than I had originally thought.

I could easily see this being turned into some sort of movie or better yet a television series. Even still, this is definitely a book that anyone who is into sci-fi or a my opinion books that are a bit more on the horror side with a bit of mystery and suspense also thrown into the mix.

As the story came towards its conclusion and its climax I definitely found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what direction the author could possibly take with all of these converging stories. I am completely hooked and I want to see more of this story so I hope that there’s many more books in the future.

In my opinion, I think anyone can really get into this book if they were to really sit down and read it, I definitely and highly recommend this. That said, pick up a coffee and a copy of the book.

I give this book 5 Eye Gouges of 5.

About the Author:

B.A. Bellec

Bryan “B.A.” Bellec’s debut novel, Someone’s Story, won the Reader Views Young Adult Book of the Year as well as various other honors. Someone’s Story is a young adult coming-of-age book and has seen good support over Instagram, YouTube, and Goodreads. One of the aspects that makes Bellec’s projects unique is he includes musicians in his novels and then he actually produces the songs as his book goes through the editing stages.

Bellec was born in Richmond, BC and raised in Langley, BC, before settling in Winnipeg, MB. His first adventure was a career in Finance, where he spent 15 years developing his business skills. His highest achievement was the Certified Payroll Manager designation. He currently still consults with businesses on their systems and processes. Over that period of time, he also attended Lights Film School where he started to nurture his early creative abilities.

A self-starter always interested in research, he taught himself many of the aspects of storytelling through reading books, screenplays, and material online. Whenever he found an inspirational piece of art, he quickly went to the source to find the story behind the artist who created the work. It took many years after attending film school for him to finally combine his creative skills with his life experience and tell these stories he had been holding back. Some of his favorite creative people: Lukas Rossi, Justin Furstenfeld, Peter Jackson, Stephen Chbosky, J.K. Rowling.

During COVID-19, Bellec started a YouTube channel and was awarded a grant from The Canada Council for the Arts. He also pounded away on the keyboard to bring his second novel, Pulse, from his imagination to the page. He can’t wait to release that book along with the new songs that will go with it!

Contact B.A. Bellec at:


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The Living Waters Book Tour Review Plus GIVEAWAY!!

The Living Waters

Series: The Weirdwater Confluence duology #1

By, Dan Fitzgerald

Format Read: Physical Copy/ E-Book 300 Pages

Book Links: Goodreads, Purchase Link

How Obtained: Review Copy for Book Tour from Story Tellers on Tour and Author

Other Information:
PUBLISHED: October 15, 2021
GENRE: Sword-free Fantasy
PUBLISHER: Shadow Spark Publishing


When two painted-faced nobles take a guided raft trip on a muddy river, they expect to rough it for a few weeks before returning to their life of sheltered ease. But when mysterious swirls start appearing in the water, even their seasoned guides get rattled.  

The mystery of the swirls lures them on to seek the mythical wetlands known as the Living Waters. They discover a world beyond their imagining, but stranger still are the worlds they find inside their own minds as they are drawn deep into the troubles of this hidden place.  

The Living Waters is a sword-free fantasy novel featuring an ethereal love story, meditation magic, and an ancient book with cryptic marginalia.

The Living Waters is a Sword-Free Fantasy Novel By Dan Fitzgerald, and the first book of The Weirdwater Confluence series. I was lucky enough to be accepted to obtain a review copy of the book and join in on the tour by SOT Tours and the Author. 

I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when I saw that it was a sword-free fantasy as I had always thought the two went hand in hand. Dan Fitzgerald turned my world upside down changing my thoughts on what a fantasy tale could be. Dan weaves a tale of magic, mystery, action, and a bit of a love story together to make quite an original piece of literature that is sure to make others change their minds on what fantasy can be.

The book is intended for adults or an older age group as there is some content that could be considered a bit sexual in nature though not overbearing or in graphic detail at all. there is also plenty of action throughout the book to keep you entertained and a great adventure in a beautifully set up world filled with great characters, beasts, twists, and tough moral situations. 

This book is incredibly more intense compared to what I would think a sword-free fantasy could be. The trip that you go through in this has is a roller coaster of emotions and events that can be a bit much to take in at times. I also wish I knew a bit more about the background of the culture of the painted people and some of the others you meet. Maybe some sort of prequel novella or novel that could help set this book up a bit more as you do get thrust into it all pretty quick.

In My Opinion, This is a great book to get out of that familiar comfort zone that many of us turn to in the fantasy genre and is a great start to the series. I look forward to the next book and hope I get the chance to get to it (looking at you Dan)

I give this this book a 4 out of 5.

About the Author:

Dan Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald is the fantasy author of the Maer Cycle trilogy (character-driven low-magic fantasy) and the upcoming Weirdwater Confluence duology (sword-free fantasy with unusual love stories). The Living Waters comes out October 15, 2021 and The Isle of a Thousand Worlds arrives January 15, 2022, bothfrom Shadow Spark Publishing.  

He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, twin boys, and two cats. When not writing he might be found doing yoga, gardening, cooking, or listening to French music. 

Contact Dan at:

His Website



His Pubishers: Info

Their Website



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Prize: A signed hardcover copy of The Living Waters by Dan Fitzgerald + Swag – US Only

Starts: November 28th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

Ends: December 5th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

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Book Tour: Little White Hands with Giveaway

Little White Hands

Little White Hands

Series: Garlan Greatheart #1

By, Mark Cushen

Format Read: Physical Copy 303 pages

Book Links:


Obtained from: Storytellers On Tour and Mark Cushen for event.


Garlan’s dreams of being just like the knights he idolizes may not be as impossible as he has always been led to believe, when he is chased from his home and thrust headlong into the kind of adventure he had only ever read about in books.

Setting out on a journey that spans the entire kingdom of Faeland, Garlan will traverse impossible mountains and stormy seas and battle terrible monsters, all to keep the world he knows safe from an enemy who will stop at nothing to bring about a never-ending winter.

With a cast of fantastical characters to aid him in his quest, can Garlan overcome his self-doubt and find the courage he needs to rise above his humble station and become the hero he always dreamed of being?

The fate of the world rests in his hands.

I Read this book is part of a book tour from Storytellers On Tour and was completely blown away by how in-depth the entire world is and we’ve only scratched the surface. I got to the point I was reading this book for what ended up as over 6 hours straight. Something I haven’t done in quite awhile.

The story definitely started with the kitchen boy Garlan that is bumbling around “training” as a knight while dreaming of the adventures he would like to have before he was able to find his way and grow into a stronger character.

Luckily, he meets a few friends that are able to help him along the way. I definitely say I could use an Old Face in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the growth of the main character Garlan as the series progressed. Garland to be highly relatable while growing up having some of the same self-doubt that many of us have not only in adulthood but also quite frequently as children. The growth didn’t feel forced and everything seemed to happen kind of organically as he grew into himself a more. He was definitely not overpowered but he did have some luck on his side and was able to sharpen his skills through his trials.

I do think that this is for a little bit older young adults maybe around Middle School age as there are some areas of violence. But overall I think just about any age can really enjoy this adventure.

In my opinion this is a great story and hopefully just the beginning to a series that I hope goes on for a very long time, I look forward to the next book as this one was highly exciting and fraught with adventure and a few twists.

There’s no other way to rate this, I give this book 5 wooden swords out of 5.

About the Author: Mark Cushen

Mark Cushen

Mark has loved the fantasy genre since he accidentally stumbled onto Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion masterpiece, “Jason and the Argonauts”, while channel-hopping one Christmas-time Saturday afternoon, somewhere between the ages of 5 and 8.
Ever since then he has been obsessed with stories of sword-wielding heroes battling monsters in fantastical lands, and is now attemping to create his own.Little White Hands is the first of (hopefully) many.

Find Mark At

Website –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Facebook –


We’re hosting a tour-wide giveaway, and invite you to take part! Below you’ll find the prize info.

Prize: A signed copy of Little White Hands by Mark Cushen – International

Starts: November 10th, 2021 at 12:00am EST

Ends: November 15th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

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